2015_10_10 Warm Day and Back Drops! (continues)

2015_10_10 Warm Day missed several calls on the phone (Bloody Telstra)
And Graeme is coming...... oops
Only a few weeks since he was here and take a look at how quickly I can mess the place up :(

 Strewth!!  I counted 6 unfinished projects and I had to box them all up and sort them out till later. Can't work around this mess :(

Tip of the day!!  If at all possible finish projects before starting another!

I remember just moving the chair along the bench as I needed more space, not good at all....

This was not so bad. Just a box of shinohara track to put back and pick up some track used to set up the spot for the new Goods Shed.

Fortunately my association with the Fat Controller meant I could borrow his new walking Cane and Abracadabra........and a huff and a puff......

Ready to work on once again

Will add some pictures tonight :)

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