2012 May 7 and 8

2012 May 7 and 8    Monday / Tuesday  (Page 29 of 35)

Part 1 of the solid deck is now in place on the top. This should not warp as I found a source of 5 ply structural quality. This is framed with cross bases using 38x19 pine
I need to cut out sections of roadbed with the circular saw to ease gradients.
This length will take the mainline towards the terminus on the left wall in the future over a damaged trestle bridge which I need to rebuild (see picture 4)

 Well actually see this picture :blush:
as a temporary measure the track will pass through the dividing back drop and join to the main line just in front of the TV. this leads back to Bowser junction, and so forms a return loop, to give me some return running of trains and some relaxation whilst I get the roadbed and track working correctly. I want to start fitting out the first half of the layout before moving to the front wall and completing the track plan. This is such a huge project, that I thought I will work on this half first.

 The combination of the 38mm pine and 11mm 5 ply matches the timber bridge module perfectly!

 This section will have a medium sized grain silo installed. Down trains will push empty hoppers into a loop where they will gravity feed past the silos and be picked up by up trains on their return journey.
At this end of the board the track will raise about 40mm to approach the trestle. A temporary track will branch off towards the back drop and run around to the main and onto Bowser forming a reverse loop
Didn't do much today just marked out the track and glued 19 x 38 pine under top boards which I started screwing to fascia for strength. Then I can fix the boards to the frame by drilling up from underneath through the L girders. Forgot the fixings originally, but 6 on each board glued and screwed should hold it all firmly in place. At the same time I can lay the track and then lift the boards at right angle and mount the point motors and do all the wiring... much more comfortable for this old fella :)

2012 May 9   Wednesday

Just eased the gradient a little by doubling the run. First point allows up trains to enter the Grain Silo to pickup closest point next allows storage of empties
Furthest point allows down trains to place hoppers.

 Not a long siding, enough room to load 8 hoppers (16 GY's)

 Raising track that leads to trestle, crosses flood plain beyond levee bank. At the bottom of the embankment, a right hand point can just be seen. This point will temporarily take trains into a tunnel and through the backdrop to form the reversing loop.

 The long view and ready to lay track :)


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