2013 March 12

2013 March 12 Tuesday

We have had a fortnight of hot dry weather and I have lacked the energy to get back out into the studio to get some more work done.
Last weekend I went down to Melbourne and visited Sandown Exhibition.
It was a lovely Mums and Dad style Exhibition, with a few nice layouts, all seen before. Suspect it was their worst one ever.
For Modellers and especially ones from the bush who usually save up for this trip down to the smoke to get all the items they need from our cottage industries, almost a complete waste of time :(

If it wasn't for Auscision somehow getting on side with the Comports and attending the Exhibition, and SEM who came this time because Hobsons Bay was cancelled, I would have wasted  $120 dollars in Diesel and come down for nothing :(

I  Saw the Auscision 422 Class, and although I missed out on the Candy version altogether, I decided to buy Bicentennial 42218 and Tuscan 422.  They are a very nice engine.
I found a couple of T Class bodies in the "bin" as well. I put most of my money back in the Bank.

Because Sandown was never going to help me with the bits I need, I sent off an order to the "States" for enough Central Valley Bridge Tie sections to complete all my bridges. They should be dispatched in a week and get here in 10 days. Once I can finish the decks on the 4 bridges at House Creek, I should be able to start laying track at Wodonga, and in particular, try out my static grass machine and try my hand at some scenery :D   Looking forward to that ;)

I also decided to "attack" the members of Hobsons Bay and in particular the Committee. I fear that mismanagement and a general lack of pride in the Club by the present day membership, is going to hasten the end, and in this case I feel like a Doctor giving CPR to a person whose heart has already stopped. Maybe this Club will start gasping for breath in the next few seconds, or not....

Rod Young

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  1. No point giving CPR to a person whose heart has not stopped


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