a sunny Tuesday, and I found a few hours in the shed

 Today is a track day :( 

So why the sad face?

 Because to lay good track, I first have to pull up the old track ! Nothing wrong with the track but unfortunately too many joins in the 3 ply that caused problems after a few months in the heat. :( 

Well we have occupancy for two days, and I hoped to get at least the SG back in, except for one thing.....

The Bridge builders want to replace the temporary bridge with this new concrete and steel prefab setup.

 Now if I have learnt one thing this last year or two..
"You just cannot rush these things and get a satisfactory result ;)

So lets just see how well we do, now shall we?

a sunny Tuesday, (continues)

I forgot to write a bit about my Powerline new 48 class.

Because Roachie had written on RailPage about the various problems he had with his 48 DCC sound conversion, I was determined to work out a way to avoid those problems.

So I worked on the model using a tray to hold the parts lined with foam to protect the model.

First I eased out the buffers and saved all the springs :roll:

Then removed the couplers and the 4 body screws, and spent 40 minutes trying to ease the body off the chassis as instructed.
Finally I gritted my teeth and just yanked it off, and it did come off without breaking anything :|
All I had to do now was rescue about 4 brake hoses a set of pipes and several other small parts that I do not have any idea where they fell from. As far as I can see all these small parts are simply plugged in, no glue used to keep them in place :o

I then stripped off the chassis removing the motor completely Checked the small 8 ohm speaker 15 x 35 for fit and marked out an area clear of the decoder board (tsunami type A that exactly replaces the original crap board)

Then cut out the chassis with a dremel cut off wheel (actually 4 of them) and filed it all clean, secured the speaker and test fitted the body.. so far so good!

I left enough of the end of the chassis to remount the fan assembly (minus motor) back into its original position.

So far so good.... No real damage! So blow it all clean with the compressor and set it all up for reassembly tomorrow.

Day 2... Needed to test the tsunami and solder and seal the speaker into its enclosure. Whilst writing new values decoder pro suffered the dreaded Java failure and refused to restart...

Days 4 to 5 all wasted trying to write values to the Tsunami.

Day 6 whilst starting up the computer I knocked the dremel which hangs on a hook above the work bench. They have the power cord coming out of the back facing upwards and to the rear at a 45 deg angle, which prevents a standard sized hook from holding the tool securely when a flexible drive is attached to it.

The tool fell hitting the end of the Powerline box, which had all the loose bits in it, and the 48 body resting across the top at right angles... The model launched itself and rose about 6 feet straight up, falling to the bench, with two roof sections broken free, plus a missing whistle. The box then followed the model into orbit, turning upside down spilling all the loose parts onto the floor, some of which will no doubt disappear into the same places many screws, coupler springs and other small parts have found themselves in these last 4 years.

Day 7, 8 and 9
Spent gluing the model 48 back together, and laying on the floor with a strong LED light trying to find the parts I was so careful not to misplace in the first place :(

Roachie Why didn't you warn me mate :lol:
These things are well and truly jinxed ;)


(Edit March 2013  The 48 is still resting in a "Clip-iT" bin with all the recovered parts a new whistle etc "  And I am not sure if it will ever turn a wheel)

  2012_07_24  (continues)

Aaron™ wrote:
Hi Rod,

Looks like the engineers miss calculated the height of the bridge :lol:

No not really they organised the landscapers to come in and prepare the banks to suit an off the shelf bridge, and of course they were let down as per normal these days.
You can just see the pencil mark in the last picture of the river height level. I will need to glue down the foam then add to it before glueing the bridge together. Then sloping the ground up to each side cutting back the abutments to clear the module frame timbers (Even after removing the top pieces.

The smaller 19 x 7 cross pieces will be removed from the edges of the cavity and the bridge lifted slightly when the abutments are installed.

Of course this is the sg bridge and another steel girder bridge needs to be installed beside it for the bg line.

EDIT : Just looking at the picture, I can see that something is missing :( Obviously the bridge only has the wooden decking with curbs to stop the ballast spilling. It seems to me that the kit is missing the main support H beams ?? Might have to read the instructions, eh? Possibly find that I have to go find the right size beams elsewhere.... And I do hate kit manufacturers charging like wounded bulls, and don't supply all the parts. I spent $300 on Bullamekanka kits and cannot get all the bits to finish them, even after waiting 12 months. If you make kits then at least pack all the bits with the kit.. please :(

2012 July 26      Thursday  Raining again :(

An apology is in order :lol:

Craig from Blue and Gold Models... I do apologise!
The girders were there, unfortunately I put them in a safe place when I opened the pack up 12 months ago!

A really safe place it must have been too, because I still have not found them. Despite the label which does mention some extra parts may be required, the instructions list the parts provided, and the girders were included.

Again apologies and thanks to Craig who seems to have done the right thing

 2012  July 28     a Saturday started off foggy and finished cloudy... cold :(

Well if I am going to get trains running again, I need to stop sitting around and do some work :)
Remember when I decided to buy a nail gun and speed up deck building? Well the idea was good as far as it goes!
After clearing off all the track from the deck, I needed to remove the 3 ply and that reminded me of "as far as it goes" :(

Took me several hours to strip it all off. Thank goodness I did not white glue it as well.
Lesson for the day..."If you use the nail gun, make sure you are never going to need to pull it up.. oh!, and use less nails. I have a feeling that the buckling of the ply may in fact be because I fixed the ply down so well onto cross pieces too close together. Different materials move in different ways, I guess.
I could remove half of these cross pieces, but as they are level and not interfering with the 5 ply, I think I will leave them in. That way if a point machine is going to foul one it can be simply removed.
 When the deck was removed I found about 500 nails sticking out. The heads of 4 hammers refused to grip the little (almost) headless nails, And each one had to be pulled out with pliers, by twisting the nail around the head and cranking it out.. Like I said three hours and my wrists are wrecked,
 Careful measurements and a 2400 x 1200 sheet was cut down and installed on the frame.
Ran a spirit level over the top and it looks very good.
Tomorrow I will cut down the bridge area and cut out a piece of 5 ply to fit into the edge to reinstall the point work for the branch and the stone quarry. Going to have a mini Kilmore East. Would have liked to do Glenrowan, but the siding was through a cutting and out of site. This puts the BG stone quarry over the gauge just like KE and is visible from the line.

Well tomorrow is another day

(edit March 2013 Note the temporary window covers to help with photograph?  Still there today and I am yet to relay this track :( )

2012 August 24      Friday 
Still wet and puddles all over the place... getting mighty sick of rain :(

to recomGot 3 packs of SDS KQ wagons on Tuesday.
They are nicely packed, lightly held in a foam box, and can simply be turned upside down to remove model.
The model is all plastic casting, which to me felt a little light, when compared to the Auscision similar vehicle.
I did some vigourous hand shunting through No 6 points and slips and was happy to note that I could not derail them easily.
So I am thinking that loaded mith stock crates, my BGM K Class should handle them nicely even as slippery as it is :lol:

They look the part and I am happy
mend them to you all  :D
 T413 moves the first KQ type container flats loaded with stock containers out of Bullarto.
 KQ 12 in fresh paint! heading further up the track for its first load of Murray Greys. It will soon weather down and match its older M trucks.

KQ 4 missing its container Nice!
 ah?? um??
 I see a coupler swap coming up :(

Going to Caulfield for the Exhibition tomorrow. Looking for bridges :)

 2012 August 27   Monday

Well still not well despite the Flu shots I have a wicked cough and no sooner does it go away another member of the family brings it back to me :(
Bridges? You cannot buy brick abutments and the only SG suitable Victorian bridges are the ballasted deck versions from VR models. I bought another one plus extension at Caulfield.... Thanks Craig ;)
Anyway I bit another bullet today. Its probably lead poisoning that I have in reality.
 When the track arrives from Barnawatha into Wodonga it actually dives down to cross the house creek before rising up into Wodonga platform.

  I decided not to include this feature but changed my mind today, and here is what I have come up with.
 The valley makes it look like it is too deep, in fact the creek is running on the lower level with the road and both pass under the line which means the line is running at mid level along an embankment. In reality the grade down and up again is about 1-1/2 % and drops about 30 feet.
 I will now install the curve in from the existing layout and when I have it fixed into position, I can start installing the bridges over the road and House creek and start laying the Wodonga Station area ;)
Well till next time
Rod Young
2012 August 27     Monday.....   Continues...

Forgot to show off my purchases from Caulfield AMRA Exhibition last weekend :D .. Actually happy with what I got, and also came home with funds left in my pocket when the models I expected were not available for sale...
 Spectrum Tamper. This one was DCC ready and powered $90.00 A novelty if it runs ok ;) 
 4 letter code ZLP vans to add to the other 6 :) but at $77 a box of two..
 Orient Express OBf roller bearing 4 wheelers 3 for $109 Nice:) 

Another T Class and a number I did not have.. appears to run perfectly ;) 

Supposed to be Auscision sugar hoppers which ran into North Dynon twice a week. 4 of for $239 and would have added nicely to my SG trains. However I did not check the model after asking for the sugar hopper with 7s  marking, I ended up with a Freight Rail wheat hopper. They were bundled up into a huge white carry bag and I missed the mistake till I got home :(    Anybody want these?
They are for sale, best offer :)
 SDS had some problems with their Chinese factory. Bent handrails and NQR steps but otherwise perfect meant a really nice price reduction. Thanks Steven. I love them :)

So some left Caulfield disappointed... The rumours from Rail Page were just that, No P Class from BRM, in fact nothing new from anybody.
Disappointed that Eureka would be flogging K Class when my 2006 ordered R Class (2 of them) are still no where in sight :(

But all in all AMRA Caulfield is always a great place to meet old friends, and check out some mighty fine layouts.
This year was no exception

2012 September 19    Wednesday 

Here is my summary for limited works up till today, and Today's job which was setting up the baseboard for the end of the island on the lower level.

So far I have only repaired tools, finished off the front of the bottom level and done a fair bit of planning.
Although I have little to show for it, I have at least spent an hour or so on the project each day, and usually much more, like today's effort.

 The roadbed is of course,a smoke screen. Just making sure that it will fit, as it was made with the Helix.
The super gradient shown is of course double what it should be as the post which needs to be shortened when I have the correct measurements. The climb is 70mm in 6.8 m and i sort of fudged a gradient of 1.5%. So the bit closest the door needs to be lowered 35mm (halfway) and the gradient smoothed out to make it look much better.
I must check the gradient books. I think the real curve between Wodonga and Coal Siding was pretty steep too!
 Still leaves plenty of room to get around and with a diameter of 2400mm the trains should look pretty good going around and up the hill towards High Street.
 The 4 main radial beams have been placed and secured. Now I intend to place at least two more 90 x 19 pieces of pine in between each arm. Additional supports will be added to keep the track bed rigid as required. The closest leg to the camera is also too tall I guess it will have to be lowered 17.5mm to maintain the grade. This leg and the other one closest to the door (on right) was cut the same length as the legs on the Wodonga Station board towards picture left.
The trackbed needs adjusting and will butt into the Wodonga Station board after trimming at the top of the grade, as the platform area and a little beyond is on the level, before diving down to House Creek.
 The board entering the Station needs to be able to swing the SG to the front and still leave enough room for the Stock race which had two roads. I think it pretty much looks to be in place.
 The spine or cross is quite sturdy and is screwed together for good strength The plate in the middle of the picture is attached to both sides of the spine and glued and reinforced. It will have to take the weight of another 4 radiating pine boards to support the track at the front.
 It will be interesting to work out what to do with the back drop on the end. I am going to take a little license and put the Loco Depot inside the loop area. This will mean putting a second track in to cross High Street, much the same place as the original SG access road was in the steam days. But I had no hope of fitting the Depot as well as the yards behind the Goods shed.
 The huge tool that Graeme welded together for me has one level drilled and secured at 1800 mm. It has been christened and certainly takes the pain out of working on your (my) back. However I am disappointed in that it looks to be a two man job. It was built to assist me do things on my own. Well it was still worth it.
And that is the end of my blog for today
Remember to say a nice word or two to your partners today and tell them "Rod told ya!!"


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